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When should I start my application?

Applying for exchange is quite an extensive task. To ensure you have enough time to go through the process and receive your professors’ letters of recommendation, we recommend you start the application process in October or November of the fall semester if you are applying by the February deadline.

I am having difficulty deciding where I should study abroad – how should I choose?

If you are unsure of where to go, here are a few questions that could help you narrow down your selection:

  1. Do I want to study in a big city like Paris or a smaller city such as Pamplona in Spain?
  2. Do I want to study abroad in a country where they speak the same language I do?
  3. What types of foods do I want to eat while abroad?
  4. How comfortable am I in new environments and new cultures? (For example, studying in the United States will perhaps not be as much of a culture shock as studying in China.)

What should I write in my letter of intent?

Your letter of intent should describe who you are, why you want to go on exchange and why you should be selected to represent Concordia University and the JMSB in a study abroad semester. Usually two pages double spaced is acceptable, though standards change every year. For more information, contact the JIC at info@jic-jmsb.ca. You can also meet with JIC’s VP Academic if you would like someone to review your letter.

What should I expect at the interview?

The interview seems to be the aspect of the application process that worries most students. Don’t worry, this is not a job interview! Relax, dress nicely (though there is no need to wear a suit) and make sure you give a good handshake. Though we cannot tell you exactly which questions will be asked in the interview,  you should definitely expect the usual “Why do you want to go on exchange?” and “Why did you pick X or Y host university?”

When will I be notified about my nomination?

You should be notified about your nomination at some point in March if you applied at the February deadline and by X if you applied at the June deadline.

What happens if I was not nominated by any of my three choices?

In the unlikely event the three host universities you have applied for no longer have available spots, you will be asked to meet with the JMSB academic advisor at the undergraduate office in charge of the exchange program to discuss the other hosts universities still available for exchange. If you have met all the requirements to go on exchange (see the outgoing section on the website), you should be offered another host for a study abroad semester.

I am an accounting major and plan on pursuing the CPA program. Which classes can I take abroad for credit?

If and only if you plan on pursuing the CPA program in accounting must you take, as a general rule, all accounting courses at Concordia University. A few commerce classes must also be taken at the JMSB. For further information on this subject, please contact the undergraduate academic advisor for the exchange program at the JMSB or JIC’s VP Academic.

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