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The John Molson International Committee (JIC) is a group of students who promote Concordia’s Student Exchange Program through their passion for travel and adventure and welcome students from all over the world completing their degrees at JMSB. JIC focuses on encouraging and inspiring JMSB students to go abroad for a semester or more and also caters to students from overseas by showing them what Montreal has to offer in order to make their experience a memorable one. This year, as part of JIC’s 10th year anniversary, we want to celebrate the incredible experiences and international friendships arrisen by the CSEP program and emphasize on the importance of cultural openess. With that said, we want to provide even more international opportunities to our JMSB students through various cultural initiatives.


  • On both a local and global scale, we wish to foster a sense of community amongst students. Locally, we strive to integrate international students into the JMSB community to create relationships that will benefit locals and foreign students. Globally, we encourage our JMSB students to expand their international networks by making long-lasting friendships abroad.

  • The JIC aims to expand the international community at the JMSB and enable students to create connections across the globe. We promote growth on a personal, academic and professional level through study abroad experiences and international activities. JIC also aims to grow internally as a committee so as to continuously provide the right resources and services to students.

  • The JIC promotes international curiosity and acceptance by encouraging JMSB students as well as incoming students to explore new places around the world, immerge themselves in new cultures and be open to new opportunities and experiences. We also promote cultural openness by encouraging the incoming students to learn more about the Canadian culture and enjoy what Montreal has to offer.

  • The JIC aims to promote academic study abroad opportunities, encourage peer support, coordinate social events, as well as create unity between different cultures among CSEP participants as well as all international students at the JMSB. In addition, we wish to foster strong international relations and develop a sense of community between exchange students, international students, and JMSB students.


Meet our 2019-2020 Executive Team & Scroll Over Each Picture to Read a Fun Fact!

Patrick France

Although my last name is “France”, I’m brit to the bone baby

Gabriel De La Garza

Soy un jengibre mexicano

David Desjardins

VP Creative Marketing
I can play chess blindfolded

Sarah Forestell

VP Communications
I sing all the time when I’m alone

Despina Politakis

Director of Communications
I can make a killer impression. Spongebob wya

Rachel Cosby

VP Engagement
My dream is to have a pet pig named after the love my life, David

Tina Andrian

VP External Affairs
Tom Hardy if you are reading this please just call me

Juliana Lin

First Year Representative
When my mom would ask me “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” the answer would always be yes. Yes… I am an adrenaline junkie

Juliane Do

VP Academics
Lip-balm is my passion and I store them in everyplace possible

Meg Vandzura

Director of Academics
I cannot be anywhere without my Swell bottle or I will begin shaking

Kyra Ann D’Ignazio

VP Events
I am a radicalized dog person. If I see a dog, I must put my hands on it

Vanya Rolli

Director of Events
8 year old me went on stage with U2. I know first hand that becoming famous at young age truly does corrupt a child.

Mai Lan Phuong

VP Internal Affairs
My facebook newsfeed is full of street food videos.

Aria Khaksar

VP Finance
Instead of being like a normal person, I enjoy 2 wheeled vehicles!

Andreina Diaz Salazar

VP Projects
You could say I am a little like Freddie Mercury… I used to sing opera

Patrick Oliver

Director Of Projects
I hold a dual citizenship

Irina Khan

Director of Projects
I was born in Kyrghizstan, speak Russian, HOWEVER, I am Korean